Hebburn and Wallsend

Welcome To The Discount Log Company

Our kiln dried logs have less than 20% moisture and:

  • Provide a much cleaner burn
  • Produce more heat and a longer burn
  • Are 100% British sourced


Standard delivery of just 3-5 days and free delivery on orders over £60
Express delivery must be placed no later than 3pm on the day before your delivery date.

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Firewood for sale in Hebburn and Wallsend

Welcome To Discount Log Company

Save more on keeping cosy all year round with The Discount Log Company. If you’re based in Hebburn or Wallsend and looking for high quality bags of kiln dried logs or kindling, we’re the suppliers you can rely on. Our firewood has been keeping log stores full across the North of England for years. Every bag for sale contains only the highest quality kiln dried logs or kindling.

If you sell logs in Hebburn or Wallsend, why not contact us about our wholesale account options too. .

Free Delivery on all orders over £60 within a 25 miles radius of NE45 5RU

Dumpy Bags of Kiln Dried Logs For Sale in Hebburn and Wallsend

Dumpy Bags of Kiln Dried Logs in Hebburn and Wallsend

Whether you’re after a single bag, or bags, of kiln dried logs, don’t hesitate to make us your firewood suppliers of choice. Stock up your log stores and save in Hebburn or Wallsend today. Buy more than one dumpy bag and start saving immediately.

  • 1 dumpy bag of kiln dried logs = £80
  • 3 bags of kiln dried logs = £225 (save £15)
  • 5 bags of kiln dried logs = £375 (save £25)
  • 10 bags of kiln dried logs = £750 (save £50)


Sacks of Kiln Dried Kindling For Sale in Hebburn and Wallsend

Sacks of Kindling in Hebburn and Wallsend

The perfect accompaniment for your dumpy bag of firewood, add a few sacks to your log stores today. As trusted suppliers we provide products of the highest quality. All of our kindling is made of soft wood and wholesale options are available.

  • 1 sack of kindling = £3.50
  • 3 sacks of kindling = £7.50 (save £3)
  • 5 sacks of kindling = £12.50 (save £5)
  • 10 sacks of kindling = £25 (save £10)

The Discount Log Company…Your suppliers for bags of high-quality firewood and log stores.

Wholesale Accounts

Enquire today about setting up a wholesale account and make us your first choice suppliers in Hebburn or Wallsend. As your trusted wholesale suppliers we will ensure to meet your expectations, even when demand is high in peak season. 

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Discount Log Company is a fantastic, fabulous supplier of logs in the area. They have a bunch of most promising, professional staff who are ever ready to serve you, come what may. I am more than satisfied to have been buying firewood from DLC and the team handling the order, query resolution is just phenomenal. I couldn’t be more thankful to the guys for doing such a wonderful job and supplying good quality log for my log stores.

I placed my first order with DLC recently after hearing a great deal about their business and to my utter delight, they have lived up to the hype and reputation. The firewood got supplied in the timeline which was promised. The logs were nice and
easy to store in the log stores. What really got me buying from them was the attractive pricing. They were easy on the pocket without compromising with the overall quality of the product. I will be placing more orders going forth.

We have had an account with Discount Log Company for years now and as a log seller, it was the best business decision we had made. They are a bunch of dedicated professionals who know the log business in and out. The USP for DLC is that their firewood is cheaper, easy to store in the log stores and is of far superior quality than the supplier we were in business with earlier. All in all, it’s been a great experience dealing with DLC and we intend to continue maintaining our account with them for the foreseeable future.

I have been doing business with Discount Log Company for over 2 years now and I have one word for you “magnificent”. They supply some of the finest firewood in town and it burns like a brilliantly. The pricing was a pull factor for me. They did the despatch in no time. Overall, thoroughly satisfied by the products and services offered.