Organic Multipurpose Compost ( Full Bag 1000 litres Approx)




Our PEAT FREE organic multi purpose compost is a black, friable compost that is full of nutrients- the perfect tool to help you transform and bring your garden back to life. simply dig this 100% peat free compost into your soil to increase fertility and improve soil structure, ensuring your plants stay healthy all year round.

This soil improver will also speed up turf establishment when raked into the soil before turf laying and make an excellent general purpose peat free tree and shrub planting compost.

Made from 100% peat free organic material, composted and screened to produce a quality dark and rich organic soil improver.

Key Features:

– Improves soil fertility
– Increases organic matter
– Breaks up heavy soils and improves light soils
– Helps lock in moisture and nutrients around roots
– Promotes healthy plant growth and germination
– Speeds up root establishment in turf
– PAS100 Certified Compost


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