Ornamental Decorative Bark




Is produced from mixed conifer bark with a high percentage of spruce- 90% of the particles fall in the range of 8-35mm. The majority of the mulch is a rich dark brown colour with white wood content no greater than 15% by volume. The mulch is ideal in the Winter and helps to protect plants from frost and other harsh weather conditions. Our ornamental bark mulch can also help suppress weeds in your landscape. It is free of all foreign matter such as metal, glass, plastic and any other extraneous material

Key Benefits:

– High impact appearance. Ideal for tidying garden borders, flower beds and paths.
– Helps reduce garden maintenance by suppressing weed growth.
– Helps conserve soil moisture during hot weather.
– Helps reduce soil erosion during heavy rain.
– Helps insulate plant root area during frosty periods.
– Long lasting material, approximately 2 – 4 years.


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